Our Fine Art Facsimile Editions

When the pictures were still in the book …

Lavishly illuminated manuscripts are artefacts of the highest order, and the pride of each and every library. What has been protected between book covers throughout the centuries now constitutes a sheer inexhaustible source of information on the colourfulness and the richness of the world of our ancestors. Long before panel painting strove for primacy over the arts, bold picture compositions were designed in the small format of a book page, attempts with perspective and three-dimensional pictorial reproduction were made, colour harmonies refined in all nuances, and the use of different gold and silver types was perfected.

The purpose of facsimile editions

True-to-the-original facsimile editions enable immediate access to the manuscript treasures of all medieval periods. Only facsimiles allow interested readers to turn the pages without having to worry about the condition of the book. Experience the sheer wealth of medieval illumination – concentrated in the facsimile of a painted manuscript. Researchers are thus able to compare manuscripts that are scattered around the world, or not accessible even to their trade.

Fine art facsimile editions by Quaternio Verlag Luzern are an active contribution to the preservation of our cultural heritage: they are a full-value equivalent for an irrecoverable original which, upon its reproduction, may be preserved under optimum conditions for all future. At the same time fine art facsimile editions guarantee scholarly investigation, giving research important impulses. They ensure access to the cultural heritage of humankind and allow its dissemination.

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