Quaternio Verlag Luzern

Quaternio – from medieval hand bookbinding to a publisher in Lucerne

»Quaternio« is Greek for »quire«, a technical hand bookbinding term that alludes to the aspect of craftsmanship used in fine art facsimile publishing.

  • a quaternion, or quire, is composed of 4 double leaves = 16 pages, and thus the most frequent form of a gathering* in the Middle Ages, a period in which Quaternio Verlag Luzern mainly finds its manuscript treasures.
  • 4 double leaves stand for 4 team members who each have a double function in the publishing house.

* A quire is made up of several bifolios that are folded in the middle and put inside one another to form a booklet. After the writing, the quires are thread-stitched together in the middle (inside margin) to form the body of the book before it is bound.

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