Our Art Book Editions

Produced According to All the Rules of the Art

The love for beautiful books guides us in more than just the production of our fine art facsimile editions. There, form and design are predefined, and we devote all of our skill to the faithful reproduction of a unique object already in existence.

In our art book editions, however, we can roll out all of our creativity for the concept, typesetting, and layout. Anyone who has worked on a facsimile has the highest standards for processing and reproducing images. Anyone whose eye has been schooled on handwritten manuscripts understands why Gutenberg wanted to print books that were as beautiful as the handwritten ones. Our art book editions also focus on western book illumination. Working closely with libraries and museums, Quaternio Editions Lucerne produces meticulously designed, opulent, scientifically sound art books, which can be acquired directly from us or in bookstores.

All art book editions are published in the German language.